Oui Smart is a French startup based in Paris that specializes in the manufacturing of high-tech objects. We are constantly looking for the new accessory that will facilitate the charging of modern devices. We are a young team brought together by a passion for technology and expertise in design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing.

We are very proud that Moovy Bag were crowdfunded through Kickstarter and IndieGogo and raised over 150K$. 

After the success of projects of Magcable, our magnetic charging cable, OUI Watch, our smartwatch, OUI Duo Plus our iPhone dual sim enabler, and OUI Power our battery case for the iPhone, we wanted to outdo ourselves, to do the kinds of things we talked about all those years ago – to design something for our generation, that would keep us connected, allow us to work remotely, that fused fashion and technology, and most importantly, that our customers would love.

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