Check the temperature of your beverage, without ever having to taste it, using the Moovy Touch Bottle. Simply touch the cap, and this smart bottle will display blue for cold, yellow for warm, and red to let you know it’s too hot to drink.



The Moovy Touch Bottle features an integrated touch display. On this miniature screen, you’ll always be able to see whether the content of your bottle is hot, warm, or cold. The next time you bring along a hot drink to your office or on a hike you can confidently take a sip. Burning your lips and tongue on hot content will be an issue of the past with this smart water bottle.

The Moovy Touch bottle stainless steel is smart. You can see the water temperature at any time from the LED display, and drink your water at the proper temperature.

Touch the cap slightly to get water temperature.
Display blue : cold water, suitable for drinking
Display yellow : warm water, recommended for drinking
Display red : be careful, too hot for drinking


500 days long battery life, no need to replace the battery
Light intelligence. Do no suffer from frequent charging or replacement of battery problems. Built-in high performance battery seed without charge electricity or replace the battery, while benefiting from ultra-low power design.
Lifetime is more than 500 days (30 times a day in the case of water temperature display).


The bottle itself holds up to 420ml. It has been crafted out of food-grad 304 stainless steel and comes with a food-grade PP cap. Thanks to this, the bottle is extremely safe to use.

When the cap is placed on your bottle, it will automatically suck itself vacuum. Due to this, your content stays longer good. It also takes away the risk of leaking a hot drink in your bag. The cap itself runs on a battery that can be easily replaced.



— 420ml 15oz Capacity
— Twist Off Cap
— Built In Temperature Sensor
— Battery Life: Up to 500 Days
— 2 pcs CR2450 coin battery
— Temperature Range: 0°C to 99°C
— Waterproof IPX 6
— Weight 400g

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