Don’t let your devices die just because you are on the move. Designed for today’s commuter and world traveler, the Moovy Solar Set is not just a backpack, but a portable power station built with an intelligent battery designed to quickly and efficiently power nearly any phone, tablet, and even laptop, and a handy solar panel for when outlets aren’t an option. The smart storage system provides a dedicated space for all your devices, so you know exactly where they are located and can access them quickly. Carefully crafted with a durable water-repellent outer and shock-absorbing EVA foam, this sleek, high-tech backpack keeps you organized and connected on the go.

This special bundle includes everything you need to stay organized and secure while on the move, including an organizer board for your tech accessories, dedicated tablet board, and all the cables to charge any mobile devices anytime, anywhere: iPhone lightning, micro USB, and USB-C devices.





For people on the go in today’s fast paced world, losing a precious charge at the wrong moment can make or break a day. The Moovy bag is a sleek, modern high-tech backpack which keeps users organized and connected, on the go.

Moovy is a Backpack carefully crafted with premium fabrics. The bag is safe, secure and dry as it is repels and blocks all intruding materials to keep your devices safe for the duration you are on the road. With the Moovy bag, you will always be assured of an organized bag and devices for all your commuting needs.

The sleek, minimalistic Moovy bag has an exceptionally built in charging solution. Each compartment has been designed for a well-organized functionality. It can charge nearly every mobile devices.

Cult Of Mac: “This solar backpack is a godsend for digital nomads”

BroBible: “The next “big thing” in backpack gadgetry”

Trend Hunter: “The Moovy Bag Doubles as a Mobile Work Station”

Yanko Design: “Moovy will make your regular bag jealous”

HiConsumption: “Keep your tech stored and charged in a sleek yet powerful manner”

Keep Charging Easy and Organized with Moovy Charging Solutions


The Moovy Battery

It is an intelligent battery designed for the Moovy Bag, that will transform it into a portable power station. You will power any mobile devices anywhere anytime.

Automatic Detect IC Technology: Charge all your devices simultaneously and automatically optimize the charging mode of each one.

Qualcomm QC 3.0 technology: Charge faster your devices with safety functions

Power Delivery 3.0: 2 Ports type C PD 3.0 IN and OUT 45W (Max)

Li-polymer Battery: High safety, high energy density, excellent cycle performance, no memory effect, green environmental protection


Charge your battery with a power outlet or solar panel

The Solar Panel

Open your bag to recharge the battery. Thinnest and lightest solar. Only 190 grams for 12 Watts. The Moovy Solar absorbs light over the widest spectral range that means it can capture light for a longer period of time thanks to the Sunpower cells.  Sunpower is the highest efficiency solar panel on the market today. In good conditions, you can charge your Moovy battery in 9 hours.

The Solar panel charges the battery that will charge all your devices. It can be used both indoor and outdoor.

The Charging System

Moovy Bag comes with all the cables to charge any mobile devices anytime, anywhere: iPhone lightning, micro USB, and USB-C devices.



Fast Charge with Double Input

What makes this battery so unique also, is the 2 input in Micro USB and USB-C. You just have to plug both cable and it will charge the whole battery within 3h00. It makes it easy to recharge anywhere (home, office, in car, outdoor).



High quality materials

Smart Backpack carefully crafted with premium fabrics: premium vegan leather, anti-scratch canvas, waterproof zipper, stainless steel loops. The bag is safe, secure and dry as it is repels and blocks all intruding materials to keep your devices safe for the duration you are on the road.


The Moovy bags are created by expert craftsman who spends up to 24 hours selecting the hide, cutting the pieces, and hand-sewing each stitch. Every detail on the Moovy Bag is purposefully created to ensure a luxurious look and feel.

With the Moovy bag, you will always be assured of an organized bag and devices for all your commuting needs.
There is two kind of material for the cover: Vegan Leather and Nylon.

We use Premium Vegan Leathers. We have made a commitment to being cruelty free.

No animals were hurt in making our bags.

Who is Moovy Bag for?

For the urban worker, the professional, the student – anyone who needs that constant connection and just can’t afford that dead battery alert – the Moovy bag is here to keep you linked to the outside world.

Carry However

Flexible straps that switch easily from backpack to shoulder or carry.

Easy access when you need

Designed with the modern “digital nomad” in mind, this bag comes equipped with smart storage, providing an organized space for everything from umbrellas to file folders.

Keep your devices safe

Don’t worry if you drop your Moovy Bag, we use EVA material to absorb shocks.  EVA is the best material to absorb energy from impacts. Also the battery is safely surrounded by an extra layer foam all the way around.

Rfid pocket

The Moovy Bag also has a Rfid pocket with advanced unique proprietary blocking material to protect your personal information and your Bank cards.

Added Security

The combination of magnetic latch and hook closure adds an extra level of security, which helps to deter pickpockets in large crowds, especially when you are taking public vehicles in rush hours, going out on holidays or making short trips.

All front pockets are well secured with selected zipper, each zipper is very strong and resistant.

Organize your essentials with a dedicated spot for everything

The Essential board help organize your essentials within the straps. You can use this for anything: phone, smartwatch, bluetooth headphones or it doesn’t have to be tech. When you slide the board in and out, everything is left where you expect to be.

The Tablet Board is a protective sleeve for your tablet (until ipad pro size). Smart pocket store any essentials helping you stay effortlessly organized while on the move.


All-Day Comfort

We offer 2 pair of straps: for everyday carry and heavier loads.  The padded adjustable shoulder straps fit the human body well, making the heavy loads feel lighter and more comfortable. They provide extra back support.





Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 42 × 21 × 11 cm






42,3 x 10,5 x 20,8 cm


without battery 1,40 Kg

with battery 2,15 Kg


Vegan microfiber leather + Anti-scratch Nylon

Laptop pocket

Fits up to 15.6″


Black leather /nylon

Moovy Bag

— 13L Capacity
— Laptop Pocket Fits Up To 15.6″ Laptop
— Shock Absorbing EVA Material Protects Devices
— Water Repellent Outer
— Magnetic Latches
— Waterproof Zipper
— Stainless Steel Loops
— RFID Blocking Pocket
— Adjustable Straps For Backpack + Shoulder Carry

Power Station

— USB Rechargeable 22,000 mAh Battery
— 12W Indoor + Outdoor Solar Panel
— Replaceable, Built In 3-in-1 Universal Cable
— Compatible With USB-C, Apple, + Micro USB Device
— Automatic Detect IC Technology
— Qualcomm QC 3.0 For Safe, Fast Charging
— Full Charge Auto-Shut Off Safety Timer
— Power Delivery 2.0: Port Type C PD 2.0 In + Out
— Max Output: 45W
— Battery Lifetime: Rated For Over 400 Charge + Discharge Cycles


— Moovy Bag
— 22,000mAh Battery
— 12W Indoor + Outdoor Solar Panel
— USB-C 45W Charger
— (3) Universal Charging Cables
— Organizer Board
— Tablet Board